Intelligence Value Outsourcing

Intelligence value outsourcing , it ‘s trading and exporter company specialised in plastic and non ferrous metal recycled , post industrial scrap and raw material We are in position to collaborate with worldwide company as our team work hardly to garantee the sourcing of the material on regular basis , fastly , with competitive price compared to the regular market .


Business Consulting

( we provide a full range of raport market concerning the plastic and non ferrous metal scrap in north african market )

Market Analysis

IVO international has a databank , which allows us to have a global position on the current market, we are ready to provide you with pre-elementary and ore-qualifying studies for your future projects

Insurance Consulting

We provide a full service of tracking , inspection, analysis of the plastic and non ferrous scrap support with a detailed report in collaboration with renowned international laboratories

Export Management

we provide a wilde range of plastic raw material from post industrial scrap based essentially in tunisia from automotive industry, food industry , aerospace industry , packaging industry etc,, our material is packet in bigbag , shrinked pallets, and bales form

Plastic   products

Aluminium product

Seals and rubber products

Medical product

Copper product


Youssef Sellami
General Manager

Slim Akkeri
Sales Manager

Hela mhiri
Logistic Manager



Bureau N°4 - 2ème étage Immeuble AMG, Rue du Lac Windermere Les Berges du Lac 1, 1053 Tunis

+216 71 656 009

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